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Online or Hybrid Harp Lessons

-For Children, Teens, & Adults-


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato - 

There is something about the harp that, forgive the pun, "strikes a chord" with everyone. It is a unique and exciting instrument that is a joy to play! Whether you are working in a method book, classical repertoire, Celtic music, music from films or musicals, or an arrangement of music by Beyoncé, the music options are endless! And it's not as complicated to play as you may think! Reading harp music is quite similar to reading piano music, just think of it as playing a vertical piano.  

In lessons, we work on these elements of harp technique and musicality:​

  • Hand positioning

  • Finger patterns

  • How to read music

  • Phrasing

  • Harp effects like enharmonics, muffles, etc. 

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Musicality & musical style

  • Dramatic interpretation

  • Reading music​

  • Harp care and maintenance 

All of these elements of harp technique and musicality enable you to:​

  • Play with consistency and ease

  • Develop fluidity with your melody line

  • Learn music you want to play quickly

  • Perform with grace and elegance

  • Read music with confidence

  • Keep your instrument in pristine condition

  • Discover joy in expressing yourself through music

  • Create a positive mindset for setting and achieving musical goals

Start your musical journey with a truly special instrument that will set you apart from other musicians! Curious about lessons and/or where to rent or purchase a harp? Please click the contact button below!

"It is my deepest desire as a teacher to provide positive and fun experiences with music to all of my students. In music lessons, we of course work on technical elements, however students also learn wonderful life lessons in the process:

The joy of making music is such a precious gift that lasts a lifetime. Every person can recall a moment when music touched their heart in a profound way. The gift of music lessons is not just the lessons themselves, you are investing in a gift that enriches their soul."

-Mandy Brown-

  • setting goals and creating steps towards achieving them

  • overcoming obstacles, developing a positive mindset

  • improving critical thinking skills

  • observing things from a different perspective

  • learning about history and other cultures

  • being able to multitask

  • improving cognitive skills

  • how to persevere when struggling

  • empathy

Read what students have to say about their lesson experience!

To inquire about availability, lesson rates, or scheduling a free trial lesson,

please contact Mandy by clicking here:

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