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Online or Hybrid Voice Lessons

-For Teens & Adults-

Image by Marius Masalar

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

-Albert Einstein-

The beautiful thing about the voice is that each voice is completely unique to every individual singer, rather like a thumbprint. While there is the existence of "natural talent", the truth is that learning to sing well is a skill that is acquired through dedicated practice and study. Natural talent will only go so far without possessing the technique to sustain it in a healthy way.


The goal is to make singing as easy and efficient as possible so you can express and communicate clearly as a musical artist. 

In lessons, we work on these elements of singing and performance technique:​

  • Posture

  • Breathing

  • Vocal tone

  • Diction

  • Intonation

  • Navigating range

  • Musicality & musical style

  • Dramatic interpretation

  • Reading music​

  • Positive constructive changes

All of these elements of singing and performance technique enable you to:​

  • Sing with ease every time

  • Expand your vocal range and color​

  • Sing longer phrases with plenty of air

  • Sing with more dynamic contrast

  • Sing in tune consistently

  • Perform with confidence 

  • Learn songs you want to quickly 

  • Discover joy in expressing yourself through music

  • Create a positive mindset for setting and achieving musical goals

 Whether you want to sing on the stage, join a choir, impress all your friends at the next karaoke night, or take up singing just because you love it, voice lessons will improve your singing, bring joy to your music making, and give you confidence for your performing!

"It is my deepest desire as a teacher to provide positive and fun experiences with music to all of my students. In music lessons, we of course work on technical elements, however students also learn wonderful life lessons in the process:

  • setting goals and creating steps towards achieving them

  • overcoming obstacles, developing a positive mindset

  • improving critical thinking skills

  • observing things from a different perspective

  • learning about history and other cultures

  • being able to multitask

  • improving cognitive skills

  • how to persevere when struggling

  • empathy

The joy of making music is such a precious gift that lasts a lifetime. Every person can recall a moment when music touched their heart in a profound way. The gift of music lessons is not just the lessons themselves, you are investing in a gift that enriches their soul."

-Mandy Brown-

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To inquire about availability, lesson rates, or scheduling a free trial lesson,

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