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Student Testimonials

Piano Concert Hall

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Mandy is a marvelous teacher. She uses her extensive knowledge and experience as a performing soprano to motivate and expertly teach technique, while at the same time encouraging the journey and joy of making music. Mandy has been patient, yet precise and persistent in leading me beyond my expectations. She guides me to music unfamiliar
to me as a means to both improve my skills and expand my repertoire and appreciation. I highly recommend Mandy to anyone who wants to learn, improve, and savor the joy of making music.

- Shirley, voice student since 2015 -

My Lessons with Mandy have been nothing short of amazing. When meeting Mandy for the first time, one characteristic that resonated with me was how friendly and cheerful she was and still is. Regarding the lesson itself, Mandy gives constructive criticism that helps me improve my ability to sing and things to think about for the future so that I can keep progressing in the right direction.

- Ethan, voice student since 2018 -

Being an adult student unable to read music or play an instrument, I was having second thoughts of my decision to take harp lessons. Mandy has made learning the harp and music theory not only possible but fun. She is extremely patient, encouraging and has a wonderful sense of humor. She celebrates my success and helps me work through difficult pieces even when I try to distract her by stalling. It has been exciting to have a talented teacher who encourages you to play what you love while still focusing on technique. I couldn't imagine studying with anyone else.

- Chanell, harp student since 2014 -

To inquire about availability, lesson rates, or scheduling a free trial lesson, please contact Mandy by clicking here:

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